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I am available to carry out training courses on flora and fauna identification and habitat management.  I can provide presentations, talks and guided walks for interested groups as

well as in the field training.  My aim is to help people to learn

more about the natural world.

Some of the training courses that I have run include:

For The Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM): Botany for Beginners, Ancient Woodland 

Indicators, Winter tree ID

For Cotswolds Conservation Board - Save Our Magnificent Meadows project:

Wildflower identification, National Vegetation Classification (NVC), Rapid Assessment, grasses and sedges identification, winter tree identification, and surveying for harvest mice

For Avon Wildlife Trust:

Grassland plants; aquatic plant identification; grasses identification; fern identification; grassland management and classification; Phase 1 habitat surveying; Winter tree ID 

For Avon Gorge and Downs Wildlife Project:

Winter tree identification


For Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust:

Great crested newt identification; woodland plants

For Leicestershire County Council:

Aquatic plant identification; wildlife recording; management planning; hedgerows

I have organised and led training courses on a range of other subjects including:

Amphibians and reptiles; aquatic invertebrates; butterflies; woodland management; pond management


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